Hard Seltzer

Made with award-winning Craft Vodka, Real Fruit, & Rocky Mountain Water – Not Beer

Introducing Colorado Spiked Seltzer, a hard seltzer inspired by the Colorado lifestyle. Whether you’re beach bumming, skiing, gardening, hiking, dog walking, camping, BBQ-ing, paddle boarding, yard-working, or just plain relaxing, Colorado Spiked Seltzer is made for your “-ing” moments.

Most spiked seltzers on the market are flavored malt beverages – aka beers, which are made alcoholic using fermented malted ingredients.  Colorado Spiked Seltzer is different – it’s a canned cocktail made simple with our award-winning craft vodka, Rocky Mountain water, real fruit, and touch of organic cane sugar. Drink it right from the can as a hard seltzer, or use it as a mixer to make a delicious cocktail (we’ll post some  recipes for you to try very soon)!

Colorado Spiked Seltzer will launch in July in 12oz sleek cans in three refreshing flavors: Organic Lemon, Tangerine, and Key Lime. More flavors are in the works, and are to be released later this year. Each can of Colorado Spiked Seltzer is 5% alcohol by volume and under 150 calories. Six-packs will be available in liquor stores throughout Colorado, as well as in 6-packs and on draft in our tasting room. Find Colorado Spiked Seltzer in a liquor store near you using our Seltzer Finder map, coming mid-July.

A launch party will be hosted in our tasting room inside of The Windsor Gardener on Saturday, July 27th. The party is open to anyone 21 years of age and up. Enjoy local live music and food trucks and get special pricing on 6-packs in celebration of the launch of this product.