Join our limited first run of personalized whiskey barrels

The Heart Barrel

Personalized Barrels

The 5-gallon oak barrel will have The Heart Distillery logo laser-etched into it. Once purchased, we will add a custom name plate with your name and then we will fill the barrel with The Heart Distillery's American Whiskey. Your barrel will be stored and displayed on-site in the tasting room while it ages.


Tasting Parties

Tasting parties will be held every 6 months. The Heart Distillery will host a tasting party where you and up to 6 guests can come in and sample the product at different stages of aging. Aging can take anywhere from a few months to several years - it's your choice when to take it home. 


Personalized Bottles

Once you sample the product and feel like you are ready for your bottles, we will pull the barrel and bottle the product into 750ml bottles with personalized labels. You are guaranteed to get at least 20 bottles of whiskey in hand-numbered bottles with labels that have your name and bottle date.


Starting at $1200. Price increases with aging time.

Your barrel will be stored on-site for up to two years free of charge.

After the free two-year storage period has ended, you may either claim your barrel, or pay an additional storage fee of $100 every 6 months that you continue the aging process.